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Good eyes for good design begins at a young age.

Welcome to SHELIKAdesign, a place to let your kids imagination run free through a range of toys and playful décor. At the core, my newest collection of kids items is the result of bringing together my passion for handcrafts with my design projects, and encouraging kids’ creativity to shine.

Using rich colors and patterns inspired by nature and cultures around the world, I was able to transform my paper illustrations into cheerful and thoughtful toys and activities for parents and children to do together. Illustrated paper sheets turned into 3D stickers for wall and window decor.

Quirky designs of dancers and robots became articulated paper dolls and mix and match puzzles for children to have an endless amount of imaginative fun.

My aim is to create unique and interactive items that include craft elements and self-assembly for children to do with their parents, and for the whole family to enjoy!

All my products are designed by me and are manufactured at local workshops with a strong emphasis on using eco-friendly parts in all items. I’m especially proud that all products are assembled by “Shvim” - a non profit organization that provides rehabilitation and integration opportunities for people with disabilities.

Thanks for visiting!