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Robot  Marionettes

Robot  Marionettes

99.00 NIS


If you love robots this marionette set is perfect for you! With three jumping marionettes for self-assembly, these articulated paper robots are a quirky and fun DIY activity to do with your kids. Easy to assemble, simply mix and match the five different parts with metal brads. Using dowels and strings they can move arms and legs by simply pulling the string. The MARIO Robots are a lovely home decor idea for any age; in a nursery as a wall decoration, or in an office as a shelf display!
Kids under the age of 10 may need adult assistance in assembling the marionettes.

Product Details
This pack includes three marionette dolls for self assembly.
Each made of 5 pieces, complete with moving arms and legs.
Each doll is made of sturdy cardboard and assembled with metal brads.
Once the robot has been carefully assembled using dowels and strings they are ready to go.
Can be used as a wall hanging.
The assembly of the pieces are to be done with a grownup.


printed cardboard, string, metal dowels.

18 pieces (3 different robot marionettes)

Robots range in size from 25 cm to 26 cm high. (not include the string)
Box size: 34 x16.5 x 1 cm
Box weight:340 gr

Not suitable for children under 3 years